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There is so much that we hear about gifting these days. Ever thought of gifting something, that would not only delight the one you are gifting, but in disguise would help an entire group of people striving to earn happiness.  This is one of the novel ideas of Krixot.

Krixot, a leading candle brand does the noble task of bringing us the flames, which helps us light the world around us with its tie up with Antardrishti (inner vision). True to its name Antardrishti focuses on doing well for those who are deficient at the body level.  Krixot is a luxury candle brand, that picks its products from United States and Europe, and the selected fragrances are the favorites of the French and the Americans.  An international brand ties up with an NGO, Antardrishti, to facilitate the unsighted people with an internal vision.

NGO’s rely on various resources for money. They could be individual donors, foundations, corporations and government even.  But Antardrishti has a special apparition which says, “Don’t just donate. Help us to Earn with dignity”. While focusing on doing well for those who are disadvantaged in one sphere, Antardrishti achieves profound results by substantially serving the differently-abled through this unique initiative. And Krixot does that, by donating 5% of its sales to Anatrdrishti and by also giving them employment opportunities.

So, this time when we pick up a candle with an incredible design and mesmerizing fragrance, we know whom to appreciate for it. We all in our everyday lives think of doing one such gracious deed that would bring some change in someone’s life somewhere.  Our busy lives often prevent us from doing so though, a little bit due to lack of time and sometimes because we don’t know the right place to do it. Krixot has made that simple for us. Don’t just shop. Shop for a reason!!

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