Anatomy of Our Candle

We don’t create just candles, we create moments…

   Boutique of Finest Fragrances

Krixot fragrances work with an aim of creating a range of unexplored fragrances that are handpicked by experts. The blend of fragrance oils are precisely created by elite perfumers from globally recognized fragrance houses. The fragrance oils are chosen on their tendency to blend with each type of wax so that the candles give a strong scent throw for a better fragrance experience.

Crafted For Perfection 

Waxes – Our candles are crafted with the finest wax blends including a wide range of paraffin wax, soy wax, P.E. wax, palm wax and granulated wax for long burning hours. Each candle needs a unique blend for achieving the perfect construction.

Wicks – We choose the best wicks from an exclusive variety that has more than 200 types of European lead-free cotton wicks including flat or knitted wicks, squared wick, cored, specialty or dual wicks for a cleaner burn. The wicks are selected on the basis of what each candle type needs.

Hand Poured – Each candle is hand-poured by experienced artisans for a faultless finish. The color, fragrance oil and waxes are blended so accurately for creating the perfect candles.

Colors and Stabilizers   Our candles feature an extensive range of colors in co-relation with the fragrances so that people can connect to it right away just by looking at them. The dye chips that we used are of European standards and manufactured by global experts.